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Why are ceramic coatings so important? 

The automotive reconditioning industry has seen many new exciting innovations in technology in the past few years. However, paint/surface coating has completely changed our business and our lives.  From the first time we saw a "coating" at SEMA about 10 years ago we were very skeptical, just as many people still are today.  After testing numerous "coatings" for the past 10 years in our own facility, (yes you could say our cars have been our special test subjects) we have found very few that have really stood out from the crowded group of companies claiming to offer a professional paint coating.  

We found that although there are hundreds of coating companies out on the market, most are not the same.  Which is why we put all coatings through tests of our own.  Over the past 10 years we have coated more than 1800 vehicles, some being rare priceless collectibles others being daily driven mini vans. We have options to suit every budget and use.

The science itself is simply mind blowing and very technical but we continue to learn and grow with the industry.  We are constantly testing new products before they even hit the market, to insure our clients receive the absolute best for their vehicles.  We are certified installers for several coating companies and have even hosted national training sessions for the leading coating companies.





Why do I need this on my car?

Every time a car is buffed to remove scratches, hard water spots or any other damage to the painted surface, the paint is diminished by some degree. (Mils is the measurement of paint.)  While waxes and polishes can protect paint, they usually only give a few months of protection depending on the product applied.  Adding a ceramic coating will reduce your chances of scratches or environmental damages, resulting in less maintenance expense as well as a better overall appearance for years to come.

For this reason, we as a company will be phasing out polishes and sealants from our business. We will be setting a new standard for automotive protection in North Carolina and the East Coast as a whole.

Shine Shop Automotive is an authorized installer for several national and international coating companies.  We offer coatings for all surfaces of your automobile, ATV, boats and airplanes.  

We also customize the coating package for your specific application and budget.

Why use Shine Shop as an installer?

With over 30 years of experience in the automotive reconditioning industry, we have learned that you must constantly evolve and keep up with the technology changes in order to stay ahead.  We are constantly testing and expanding our knowledge of different paints and processes that are necessary to perfect your valuable vehicle.  We have developed a thorough process in which we ensure the best results for ceramic coatings when applied.

You must first perfect the paint itself. This means removing any and all imperfections through multiple steps of wet sanding, buffing or polishing. (This depends on your specific paint conditions.) Coatings do not hide anything. They actually accentuate the surfaces that they are applied to.  Proper prep work is critical to a long lasting, perfect, concourse-ready automobile.


All of our coating services use advanced Infrared (IR) curing lamps to ensure the absolute best and most durable finish possible. We are the ONLY detailers around using these technologies! By using IR lamps, we can achieve a full cure and hardness level within minutes, as opposed to up to a week when not using IR technologies. If you were to get your freshly coated (not IR cured) car wet within the first 24 hours, you can have severe water spotting issues. But with IR curing, you can safely drive your car away the same day as it was applied, even if it’s raining. Additionally, using IR curing lamps provide a harder barrier, a more consistent finish, and a higher level of gloss as well.


Feel free to stop by our facility any time Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for your personalized assessment and a tour of our facility.  You just never know what you might find. We look forward to meeting you and developing the perfect plan for you and your investment.

We have been authorized by the following

ceramic coating companies:

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