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Services Offered

At Shine Shop Automotive, we believe that your car is an investment and a

prized possession. There really are no two exactly alike. We tailor your reconditioning

to your specific needs and objectives.  Due to the term "detail" being overused, and often

simply a car wash, we like the opportunity to address your specific concerns when

needing a "detail".  We offer interior reconditioning, exterior paint correction, ceramic

coatings, as well as odor removal and can tailor a plan for you. Please note NO pricing or "ballpark prices" can be given over phone or email, we must assess the vehicles.


Whether you are looking to recondition your daily driver or prepare your car for a

concourse event we feel confident we can surpass your expectations.

Please free to stop by our facilities

Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 pm. 

for your personalized assessment and quote.  

Allow 20-30 minutes of time for your assessment.

Please note no appointment for service will be schedule without an assessment being completed.

Before Trim Restore and Coating
After Trim Restore and Protective Coating
During restore process on Jeep Roof
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