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Ceramic Coatings Value vs Price

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Ceramic Coatings in the Automotive Industry

   Ceramic Coatings have been around for over a decade now, but understanding how they work and what they offer the consumer has only gotten more confusing. Choosing an installer to maximize the protection and durability is the only way to compare the true value you will receive from a coated vehicle. The old saying “It sounds too good to be true” should definitely play a factor. When the market for professional grade ceramic coating packages including the paint correction (prep work) are $1500-$5000 or more for 5 plus years of protection, a quote for $300-800 is simply not going to be a comparable service. Make sure to ask your installer lots of questions. Here are a few things to think about:

1.      How long will this process take? 

Shine Shop performs a minimum of 8-10 hours of prep even on brand new vehicles. In order for the coating to achieve the desired appearance and durability, you must first wash, clay and buff (sometimes wet sanding, touching up paint and leveling texture). That process achieves the highest level of depth and gloss which will then be further amplified by the coating. More importantly, for the coating to bond properly and permanently we must then remove any polishing oils, wax or other fillers from all of the painted surfaces to be ready for the actual application of coating layers.

2.      Is your facility climate-controlled and clean?

Temperature and humidity drastically affect ALL ceramic coating brand installs. There is also a visible difference in the end results working with high end LED light sources during buffing and coating stages. Direct sunlight or standard garage fluorescent lighting will not allow you to properly perfect the paint.

3.      How long is the durability/warranty for the product offered?

Without the “prep work” described above, an installer will never get the full durability of the coating they are installing. The other thing to consider is how long has this installer been in business and will they be there to help rectify any problems that arise? There are a lot of shops/installers opening up to try and get your ceramic coating installs, but make sure you can verify any warranty promised by the manufacturer. There are a lot of coatings people can buy on Ebay, Amazon and other online sources without being an accredited installer. Usually this means no warranty can be offered.

4.      Do not get over sold!

There are a lot of companies exaggerating the benefits of having your vehicle coated just to try and close your sale. No coating is “chip or scratch proof” period! The technology has come a long way, but not quite there. The chemical makeup of the product will determine how scratch resistant it is. The coatings we install are comprised of Titanium Dioxide particles in SiO2 (or glass). All automotive coatings are SiO2, but not all coatings are Ceramic (titanium, quartz, etc ). Please do your research and make sure you know what product you are being offered and how it will perform.

5.      Not all coatings are created equal. Which level do you need?

This is the first step we go over when you come in for a quote. A vehicle that will only be used or driven a few thousand miles a year does not necessarily need the same amount of protection as a daily driven car that sits outside 24/7. There are a lot of variables that will help us give you the best options to protect your investment. We also offer coating products for nearly every surface of your vehicle inside and out including paint, glass, plastic trim, wheels, leather and fabric.

Automotive appearance and preservation is our specialty. Come Experience the Difference….

Scott Connor

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