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Meet Our Team

We feel that our team is our greated asset as a company, without the dedication of each person to push harder, to learn more and grow as a person we would not be where we are today.

Please take a moment to read about each team member.  

We chose to ask random questions that might give you a little more insight to each person as well as our team as a whole.

Scott Connor, Founder & CEO

1.  Why did you want to work for Shine Shop Automotive?  I started Shine Shop Automotive due to the demand for perfection of my own vehicles as well as family and friends.  I could not imagine working for another company.

2.  What has been your favorite project over the years?  

3.  What is your ideal daily driver?  Dream Car?  My ideal daily driver is a Saleen S7 ( ok this this my idea not necessarily realistic)  Dream car would be a Koenigsegg.

4.  If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?  I have always wanted to go to Fiji.

5.  Now go to your music on your phone or ipod, hit shuffle, no cheating what are the first three songs and artist that appear? 1.Until the End, Breaking Benjamin 2. All You Need is Rock n Roll, White Lion  3. Nutshell, Alice In Chains

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