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"Perfection Redefined"

Shine Shop Automotive was established in 1989 by Scott Connor. His passion to perfect automobiles came at an early age working along the side of his father and grandfather.  Since this time, Shine Shop Automotive has become the exclusive automotive reconditioning facility in the region. Scott’s passion, drive and talent has also allowed the Shine Shop to be named as one of the top detailing and reconditioning companies in the world by the “DuPont Registry”.  This title does not come easily to those in the detailing and reconditioning industry which is why Scott stays ahead of the average shop through constant product testing and consistent training.  Many of the products , chemicals and equipment used in the Shine Shop come from all over the world including Germany, Italy and Japan which are not found in your local automotive retail stores.


           Whether you are looking to prepare your automobile for a national concourse event, museum staging or looking to restore your original paint on your classic or muscle car, we can customize the perfect reconditioning package to achieve and exceed your expectations.  Don’t worry - we can also give your daily driver that special attention it has been waiting for.  Let’s not forget the “new car” that could also benefit from paint correction and expert paint protection.


If the thought of spending money on a high quality reconditioning still seems absurd, consider the idea of how much today’s luxury or high performance autos originally cost (more than most condominiums or even a house).  However, they can simply lose much of their original value by not taking them to an expert. Shine Shop Automotive has the proven experience dealing with these high end investments.



Why choose the Shine Shop Automotive Team?

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